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Checking Needs

Whether it’s computer or manual checks you need, all business checks include security features to protect your account from check fraud.

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Our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your order, our Customer Service Experts are here to help.

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Defend Your Checks, Accounts, and Identity with FraudArmor™

Fraud Armor

FraudArmor™ helps you resolve fraudulent activity related to your checks or other accounts.

Add FraudArmor™ during check personalization to take advantage of these benefits and more.


FraudArmor™ defends your checks, bank account and identity from the effects of fraud for up to ONE FULL YEAR. Features include: funds advancement up to $25,000 within 72 hours of valid request, check order replacement, document replacement, and more. PLUS — receive early warnings of potential fraud with Internet Monitoring of your credentials, such as driver’s license and credit card numbers. Internet Monitoring is an optional, no cost feature that requires activation.

FraudArmor™ assists individuals and businesses with any of the following identity theft events:

  • Check Fraud
  • Account Fraud
  • Medical Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Phone & Utilities Fraud
  • New Credit Fraud
  • Loan Fraud
  • Electronic Funds Fraud
  • Government Benefits Fraud
  • Employment Related Fraud
  • Tax Fraud

If you are victimized by fraud or identity theft, you will also receive free credit monitoring and periodic contact from one of our professional Resolution Specialists for a full year after the fraud event.

For more details and full terms & conditions regarding FraudArmor™ services, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-866-734-8202. To activate your Internet Monitoring service visit Certain restrictions apply.


Security features found on all Bradford Exchange Business Checks

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Microprint Signature Line

The microprint signature line reads “authorized signature,” but type appears as a broken line if reproduced.

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Safety Paper

Paper includes a safety stain to indicate chemical tampering.

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Security Checklist

All security features are listed on the back of each check with details on document appearance if altered.

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Security Screen

The back of each document displays “original document” security screen.